This survey is aimed at existing Content Authors and Web Administrators using SilverStripe CMS, if this doesn't sound like you please skip this survey.
It should only take 5-10 minutes of your time and we appreciate your input.
Ok, let's go
About you and your site

If you have multiple sites please answer the following questions with the most active SilverStripe site in mind from a content authoring perspective.
What role or involvement do you have with your website?

How often do you apply changes to your site?

How important is being able to use the CMS on smaller screen sizes like mobile or tablet?

How important is being able to use the CMS on smaller screen sizes like half the width of your desktop/laptop screen?

How do you communicate website issues/changes that you have made or would like to make with co-workers?

To which sector does your site belong?

Approximately how many people are making changes to your site within the CMS on a regular basis?

Generally speaking is content writing/creation done inside of the CMS?

Generally speaking does content require approving before it gets published?

With the last major release of your website do any of the following statements relate to you?

Is your site using the Advanced Workflow module?

Are you using the Share Draft module on your site? *

Rate the following features for how they would improve your content authoring, collaboration or experience if they were in the CMS

0 being least useful and 10 the most
Ability to leave notes and comments on pages/content

Ability to see when someone else is editing content

Ability to see global activity of changes from across your site and who made them

Ability to receive notifications or alerts when content on your site has changed

Ability to mark pages/content with predefined labels

For example: Needs review, Work in progress, Ready for publishing
An easier/simpler workflow process

Setting review dates for content

Scheduling the publishing of content

Website analytics appearing in the CMS

Add a satisfaction rating to the following existing SilverStripe modules you have experience with. You can skip items if not used or it's unknown.

With 0 being the least and 10 being highly satisfied
Advanced workflow

Share draft content


Content blocks or block modules

Content widget


Content review

Multi-user edit alert

Edit lock

Better buttons

What tools external to the CMS are you using when collaborating in the creation of your content?

This could include writing tools, grammar checking etc.

How would you rate SilverStripe CMS overall for content control/management? *

1 least and 10 best

What do you most and least like about the SilverStripe CMS? What feelings and thoughts come to mind?

We appreciate your time in answering this question as thoughtfully as you can
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